For end-users

Media management

  • Reactive interface (no page refresh)
  • Infinite scroll through media files
  • Dropzone for file upload
  • Automatic upload on drop or manual upload
  • Sortable files before upload (manual mode)
  • Client-side resize of images before upload
  • High quality image downscaling algorithm
  • Bulk deletion of files
  • Media viewer with fast navigation
  • Image editing tools
  • Multiple image sizes to choose from

User management

  • Users creation
  • Roles creation
  • Assign capabilities to roles
  • Assign roles to users

Content management

  • Create posts, pages and blocks
  • Create categories and tags
  • Rich text editing with integrated media library
  • SEO edition
  • Custom fields
  • Templates to choose from
  • Featured image
  • Shortcodes
  • Revisions history
  • One-to-many and many-to-many relationships between any content type
  • Page builder
    • Add content with pre-designed blocks
    • Design block presets
    • Switch between desktop, tablet or smartphone view
    • See modifications in real-time
    • Edit any page, post, block or areas (header, footer, sidebar, etc.)
  • Create menus with infinite arborescence
  • Use existing content to attach to menu or create free links

Site management

  • Choose the homepage and blog page
  • Permalinks edition
  • Email sender configuration
  • Theme chooser
  • Customize the site identity


  • Built-in login, registration and password resetting forms
  • Firewall with login throttling using two filters for higher security
  • Argon2id passwords encryption

For developers


  • Built with Symfony 6.0+, Stimulus and Vue 3
  • Runs on PHP 8.1 and above
  • Automatic creation of a full-featured Docker development environment


  • One-line installer
  • No configuration (everything is pre-configured, overridable)


  • No EAV
  • Custom fields as JSON objects
  • Split the view in many controllers with components
  • Components and shortcodes as services
  • Extensibility through events
  • High performance with Redis caching and optimized queries


  • Create new content types with existing entities (no SQL change)
  • Create new content entities with new SQL fields
  • Create new image sizes
  • Easily integrate custom business logic into shortcodes
  • Easily create editable components in the page builder


  • Twig theming
  • Override any theme file in the main app
  • Create custom themes as Symfony bundles
  • Create different page templates using Frontmatter blocks in Twig files
  • Define areas such as header, footer, sidebar, that can be edited in the page builder
  • Default theme designed with TailwindCSS


  • Create custom capabilities