NumberNine CMS

Every good business needs a good CMS software

NumberNine is a new generation CMS aimed to simplify the creation of websites with Symfony. Whatever website or application you're creating, this is the tool you've always wished for.

Get Started Introduction

Open Source. MIT License.


Things may break. Use with caution.

Symfony Powered

Built with Symfony alongside with Stimulus and Vue 3 for the admin to deliver the best user experience and robustness your website deserve. Designed to be simple, full featured and extensible.

Page builder

Create pages, blog articles or any content with the built-in page builder and its dozens of predesigned blocks. Extend default theme to change the look and feel of the components. Build your blocks featuring your own business objects.

Media library

A great media management tool is the key to productivity. NumberNine's very reactive media library comes with integrated image editing tools, dropzone upload, client-side image resizing before upload, and neat integration with the text editor.